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Welcome To The World Of Hard Riffs And Blastroaring Sounds. To The World Of MATIASU ,  You May Remember Ghaust From Jakarta Similar To These Guys, MATIASU Brings Stoner Metal Doom To The New Spot. Similar To The Ones Like We Know Maybe “Electric Wizard”. Damn Man.. The First I’ve Heard These Guys My Head Was Banging All Around To The Place. ‘Hallucination’ And ‘After Dark’ Very Very Unfuckable Indeed Dude. The Harsh Sound Of The Guitar Slashing To Every Part Of Your Ear, The Drums Patterns That Makes Your Head Banged For No Reason. The Combine Of These Power Elements That Concludes Magnificent Doom Metal Stoner.

RevoirRevolve Recommend That You Should Get High When Your About To Hear These Guys Because If You’re Not. Your Too Fucking Stupid. Get High, Get Sober, Have An Eargasm You Fuckity Fuck. Some Recommended Local Artist To Hear From Indonesia Such As SURI You Can Say, Is Maybe Have An Genre Link With MATIASU. For It’s Stoner Metal Doom Combination Similar To Electric Wizard.

To Check More About Matiasu :



The Guys Behind Matiasu Is :

  • Iqra (Guitarist , Vocalist)
  • Haris (Drummer

Recently RevoirRevolve Have Been Contacting MATIASU Itself For An Interview, And The Good News Is. Well Look For Your Self Fuckheads, Enjoy! #RevoirInterviews

1. Salutations From The Land Of Sumatera MATIASU , What Do You Guys Doing Now Recently? Any Albums Or Split On Progress Now?

We are Really Busy Doing a New song, for Material savings. Still Having Any Finishing Touch For The Songs, And Hopefully Waiting For The Release. About The Split Album, We Still Have No Plans, But If Some Bands Wanted To Have An Split Album, We Will Be Ready For Sure.

2. Before You Guys Played Any Stoner, Doom , Or Pyschedelic. MATIASU Is Still Agressive In What Genre Exactly?

Iqra Originally Played Bass in Rock music & Jazz. Haris As A Drummer Start Off Helping A Friend In A Pyschedelic Grunge Band. Since  Then We’ve Established Matiasu Playing Doom, We Are More Dominant Traditional Doom Metal, Psych, Stoner riffs And a Few extra Riffs , A Funeral Doom and a Bit of sludge, For Variations Of Arrangements.

3. MATIASU Could Be Said The Electric Wizard Of Jakarta. Do You Guys Have Any More Influences That Means Much Impacts To You? Locally And Internationally.

If It’s Local We Kinda Like SURI , Ghaust, Komunal And The Old Bands Such As A.K.A , Giant Step And Many More. Our International Influences Is  Black Sabbath, witchfinder general, Bedemon, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Goatsnake, Blood Ceremony, Saturnalia Temple, Ramesses, Salome, noothgrush etc.

4. To The Both Personnel Of MATIASU , Could You Tell Me The Story Of MATIASU? Maybe Before MATIASU Was Made There Was Another Name Used?

We Start Off Jamming Like Usual, But We Really Got Serious At 2011, And Then MATIASU Was Made. We Are Not Made Instant With The Name Of Matiasu. Our Personnel Positions Are Still The Same, Igra In Guitar And Haris In The Drums, And We Hope There Is No Personnel Changes In The Band.

5. The Two Personnel Of The Band, Besides Playing In MATIASU, What Are You Bust Doing Right Now? Having A Job Maybe?

Iqra Our Guitarist Was in College Majoring in Accounting at a Universities in Depok,  Second Semester, And It  seems Too Busy looking For A girl . Haris the Drummer was a Student also At Taxation School while also working as an Accountant Working in a Retail Company.

6. In MATIASU Songs, “Hallucination” And “After Dark”, What Is The Story Behind Those Two Songs? The Playing Was Really Rough And Very Very Heavy Indeed.

It’s Pure Imagination Really. We Just Write What We Think About, About The Source Maybe It’s From A Vintage Horror Film To Be Exactly Sure About.

7. Any Plans Of MATIASU Releasing An Album? A Split Album With Ghaust(Jakarta) Maybe?

Were Now Having The Finishing Touches For The 4 Songs. 2 Of Them Was "After Dark" And  "Hallucination" In it , Were Planning For Another Materials About 2 to 6 Songs For The Mini Album. In Gods Will We Can Release The EP Album. About The Split Album There Is None, But If Ghaust Wants Us To Have An Split Album With Them We Will Be Honoured. :)

8. Just In Case If MATIASU Just Released An Album, For The Artwork Cover What Do You Want It To Be Look Like?

We Will Customize The Artwork To Be Look Alike To Our Material, Honestly Were  Still Not Focusing On The Artwork, Were Still Thinking About The Material For Our Album.


Interview By ; RevoirRevolve With MATIASU

16th May Wednesday 2012

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GHAUST : ”A Tough Heavy Instrumental Sounds, Pounding Indeed”

Ghaust:”A Tough Heavy Instrumental  Sounds, Pounding Indeed”

Well As A Matter Of Fact, No…. , Fuck No, These Ain’t Pelican, Fuck No. That Shit Is For American, Not Us. This Is Ghaust. An Addictive Heavy Pounding Hardcore Combantants From Indonesia, This Guys Are Maybe Counted As One Of The Riff Meisters From Indonesia, Based On The Capital City Of Indonesia. A.K.A Jakarta, These Supreme Instrumental Bastards Maybe I Think Have The Most Unique Names. And The Most Reinventing Of Loudness I May Have Say, Same Like “Matiasu” , A Very Loud Sound Just From A Two Guys Playing Different Shit In Their Hands, Very Awesome, You Can Check ‘Em Up If You Want. Anyway As I Was Saying "Ghaust" Similar To A Vocabulary Verb From An Dictionary Named "Ghast" Founded In 1622 But Enough Of That Shit. This Is The Guys Behind "Ghaust" 

Ghaust Personnel :

1.Uri A. Putra - Guitar/Effects
2.M. Edward - Drums
Profile That I’ve Got From Them, Thank’s Anyway Guys. Here You Go Sound Maniacs. These Guys Have Been A Lot Having An Split Album With Outer Bands In The Outside World, Which Is A Pretty Rarely Situations. And Don’t Forget It Does Taste So Fucking Good , Which Makes These Guys Are Awesome


Formed in early August 2005 (Jakarta, Indonesia). With only two members, Ghaust is now restoring an Heavy Instrumental composition to it’s authority! The improvisation of the sound range from Metal, Post rock, Hardcore punk, etc been combine together in perfect blend. Their self titled debut album release under Purbaharuan recordings (CD) and third arm records (Cassette), was superbly recorded and among the best local releases in 2008. also received “Best album in 2009” by Junk Magazine.
March - June 2010, Ghaust release three split album w/ Aseethe(USA), Blckwvs(Germany) and Pazahora(Singapore) on CD and vinyl format. July and December 2010, The band embark for their first Indonesia and southeast asia tour.
On October, 2011, Ghaust released two tracks on a split with Vestiges(USA), which received numerous nods from music reviewers for being one of the best splits / albums of 2011. And early 2012, They released one track on a 7” split w/ their tour mates from Indonesia, Kelelawar malam.


Here Is Some Of Their Album Discography From The Past Few Years , Go Check ‘Em Out You Sound Maniacs, It’s Fucking "P-P-P-OUNDING"
Discography :
1.Ghaust | Demo[Live] | 2006 | CD-R | Self-Released
2.Ghaust | 600335/047545 | 2007 | CD-R | Self-Released
3.Ghaust | Ghaust | 2008 | CD/Cassette | Purbaharuan Recordings / Third Arms Records
4.Ghaust vs Iblis Kotor | 2009 | Digital/Pro CDr | Space records
5.Ghaust / Blckwvs | 2010 | 10” | Maniyax records
6.Ghaust / Aseethe | 2010 | CD | Cactus records
7.Ghaust / Pazahora | 2010 | 7” | Epidemic records / Dis.eased Wrekkids
8.Ghaust / Vestiges | 2011 | 12” | Mayfly Records / Replenish Records / Maniyax Records
9.Ghaust / Kelelawar Malam | 2012 | 7” | Grieve Records / Cactus Records / Slap Bet Records
Here Is Our Interview Article With ({REVOIRREVOLVE}) :

1. Greetings Ghaust, What Are You Bust Doing Right Now? Making Another Album / Split?

Hello RevoirRevolve, Greetings Too! Ghaust is Currently Collecting Material For The Second album, But The Process is a  Bit Slow Because We’re busy With Each Others Jobs And Musical Projects Outside Ghaust.

2. The Name Ghaust, If You Can Define It, What Is It? Any Histories Behind It?

The Name Ghaust actually has no meaning and no particular reason why we Choose The name Ghaust.

3. Besides Your Influence Like Boris,  Pelican, And Corrupted.Other Than  That Genre,

What Other Influence Do You Took To Make The Songs?

Ghaust Musical Influence Is Mainly Taken From A Lot Of Things, Me And Edo Are Very Different About Music. Haha..  Besides The Influence That You’ve Mention We’re Mainly Influenced By Hardcore Punk Genre.

4. If There’s A Chance Playing Outside Indonesia, Where Do You Choose? And With Whom?

We Want Japan, Playing With Nagisa Ni Te & Government Alpha.

5. Besides Playing In The Band, Do You Guys Have Any Jobs Besides Jamming In The Band?

If Me, Uri . I currently preoccupied with the affairs of Grieve Records, a music store owned by my label + records along with sayiba (Kelelawar Malam Vocalist ) and Edo just work In An Art Gallery.

6. What Do You Guys Think  About  The Progress Of Doom/ Stoner / Pyschedelic Genre In Indonesia?

There’s Not Much A Significant Progress Here Around Indonesia, But It’s Still Going Just Fine.

7. If You Guys Played Another  Genre Which Genre Do

You Prefer?

We Don’t Care What Genre That We Will Play, At Least There Is Fun Doing It In That Area.

8.  Commonly Ghaust Songs Is Themed About What? And Why?

Frankly There Is No Theme,Story Or Meaning In Ghaust Songs. The Title Was Made In Intentions For The Listeners To Get The Mood Of The Song About What Is Really Happening In The Songs. Maybe Next Time We Will Not Using Any Song Titles, We Just Used Visual/Artwork In Intentions To Get The Mood And The Feeling Of The Song.

9. The Cover Album For Ghaust Split W/ Aseethe, Where WasThat Photo Taken? The Natural Beauty Just Looks Really Nice, Does The Album Dedicated To Natural Beauty?

The One Who Made The Cover Album For Ghaust/Aseethe Split Is Brian, Brian Is The Guitarist Of Aseethe, He Took The Picture While On A Holiday, I Don’t Know Where, He Showed 4 Pictures For The Split Cover Album. So We Took That Picture For Our Cover Album Because The Picture Doesn’t Show The Music Beneath The CD. So We Let People Guessing Around Because They Haven’t Heard Ghaust And Aseethe Music, It’s That Simple  :D

RevoirRevolve Interview With GHAUST

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Marche La Void : “Calmness Within Mind, Body, And Soul”

Marche La Void : “Calmness Within Mind, Body, And Soul”

This Review Supposed To Be Seen A Long Time Ago, But Because There Is A Bit Of Time I Couldn’t Write It All Up Very Fast. Luckily I’ve Been Contacting These Guys For A While, Talk About Their Album Reviews And Stuff, And Just To Be Sure. Marche La Void Really Find The Calmness Within. Maybe For An Example For A Post-Rock Listeners, You Might Be Reminded With Explosions In The Sky, Red Sparowes, Mono, God Is An Astronaut And Many More. These Guys Maybe You Can Say, They Have The Same Genetic DNA’s That Those Guys Have. For RevoirRevolve Opinion I Think For A Post - Rock Band Based In Indonesia, These Guys Have A Lot Of Instruments To Be Played. And Very Awesome Indeed. And To Be Honest, You Won’t Find A Band Like These Commonly In Indonesia. One Of My Favorite Tracks Is "Silent War" From Their Album "The Origin Of Non-Entity", They Have Those Deafheaven Essence In This Track, Magnificently Amazing.

Here’s Is Some Album Reviews, And Marche La Void Biography As Well :

Marché La void Is A post-rock band from Jakarta, initiated by three old friends, Irwan Taufiek, Suryaputra Sarosa, and Wahyu. A.N. Formed in 2003 with initial name “Cacophonie”, the band then add some personnel such as Gerrid A. Hendra Birawa on guitar and on drums. In the following year, they decided to change its name to as it is known today.
At the beginning of the formation, Marche la void brings music described by media as a down-tempo, psychedelic and ambient. Revelation, which has a unique hobby tempting spirits, designated as the lead singer who is responsible for writing the lyrics and chant with all the soul. While Irwan is responsible for arranging most of the songs, along with Surya which is actually a fan of deep tones. In this format, Marche la void released an EP containing four songs titled Cacophonia produced and distributed independently.
Over time and increasing the skills of exploration in music, Marche La Void changed Their Musical Concept . Marché la void rearranging musical style as well as the main focus in exploring the roots of their music to go deeper into the realm of instrumental / experimental / post-rock. Wahyu which had been the lead singer was back to be as a guitarist. As a band, they feel the need to explore the instrument as an individual force that drives their music in an emotional journey and the landscape without contamination vocals. Changes in arrangement and style of music is then led to a new personnel, namely Dave Leonard, who served add to the feel through the keys of His Keyboard.
At the time of transition, Hendra as the drummer must be willing to abandon his love of music and the Marché la void in order to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Vacancy position of the drum could last for quite a long time until finally the position of drummer was replaced by Febri Joko. After the vacuum in the timeframe that is relatively short, Marche la void was now ready to rise with their latest album The Origin of Non-Entity.

-Praises, Pleads and Regrets - DEMO (2005)

-Cacophonia - EP (2007)

-The Origin of Non-Entity - FULL ALBUM (2012)

The Origin of Non-Entity
Marché la void officially released their debut album, entitled The Origin of Non-Entity.
If you view from the initial formation nine years ago until now, what passed Marché la void can be likened to a trip full of highs and lows such as seawater. Some fans even had time to mention that the existence of this band is like the State Electricity Company services: on-off without a definite time.
This fact is not denied by Irwan guitarist, Vocalist/Guitaris Wahyu , Suryaputra basis, Gerrid guitarist, keyboardist and drummer Dave Febri; the retainer instrumental that is not too concerned about The labeling of music.
In the span of time traveling Marché la void, there are a lot of space between the stretches between one event with another event. A long blank interval between the release of EP “Cacophonia” (2007) with noisy boisterous productive this year is filled with what they called a: a break.
Where have they actually been? And he said, much of the drama: They, like most men who have entered the age of three heads: busy making a living and raise a Family. However, it is not widely known is that four years ago they turned somersaults busy creating, arranging and recording material album The Origin of Non-Entity.
Album is finished, tidy and ready for release since three years ago was then beaten some of the constraints in terms of the release. Plus the fact the personnel Marché la vacuum void of musical world, the official album was the album became a very, very delayed release.
This album was bearing the title The Book of Conception and the Language of Spin. However, shortly before their release and then decided to change the title of the album into the Origin of Non-Entity represents a major concept album as a depiction of the Beginning “origin” (Origin) of the “mother of all sins in the world” (Non-Entity) until the end of his time.
This event series is a true cycle, vicious circle. On a roll following the pattern already established by nature. It is said that this is because the universe always balances itself. This concept is visually represented through textual content and artworks are done by hand-drawn by Indro @ indiedo.
The Origin of Non-Entity consists of six songs without a pause: In Shadows, Silent War, Display of Power, Marching As We Progress, For a Moment Silence and Serenity (and one hidden track which is an instrumental version-and darker-than National anthem, a moment of silence). This album can be obtained via the official website www.marchelavoid.com in two formats: MP3 and FLAC.
What they promised in this album? Might better be described like this: There are at least 27 (yes, twenty-seven) strings implicated as a major element of this album. Sound generated by the keyboard does not always sound and beat of drums should be present in the form of sound threatened to beat up a deafening thump. All in instrumental composition.
Rollercoaster ride is the definition of the Origin of Non-Entity. Session to hear the good and true will be decorated high explosive noise spikes. Highly recommended for listening to this album in a distraction-free atmosphere through the most excellent in the sound channel.

And Here’s Our ({REVOIRREVOLVE}) Interview With Them Enjoy Guys :




1.Salutations Marche La Void, What Are You Busy Doing Right Now?

Nothing Special Really.. MLV was just ready to practice again and remained on his normal life, which is raising a family and earn a living.
Arraging The Training Schedule, Heheh…
Busy looking for a bite of rice and promote the new album.
Office work with occasional promo new album via Twitter.
Again , Were Now Busy Releasing Album For Sure.

2.First Of All, How Many Album Does Marche La Void Released? I’ve Just Heard Of You Guys And Became An Instant Fan.

Wahyu :
For the full album, this is the first time. Previously there EP and single / demo.
This is our first full album. Previously release a mini album on the epidemic in 2007 with the title Cacophonia.

3. What Is Marche La Void Influences These Days

  Well About Influence , I personally: Mono, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, and others.
I personally have great admiration for Godspeed You! Black Emperor, P.J. Harvey, Laura, Rachel's, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, Mogwai and more. :)
Influence may be the most flawed amongst my friend’s friend MLV. I really like the Nine Inch Nails and Tool. :)
If influence .. I think the kids MLV not pegged to a certain type of music, because it will inhibit creativity in music. * tsaaaaah *
If from my own, while the album is I get a lot of influence from the Foo Fighters, Muse, 311 and God Is An Astronaut. The result, well can be heard on the album The Origin of Non-Entity" is. :)

4. In The Another Life, Any Personnel Of Marche La Void Had A Different Band? Oh Yeah, And Jobs Too.

I Have A Band Called Little Space Donkey as drummer hahaha. Job? Students. :p
Wahyu :
I’m in the Sound Destroyer. But the band was playing well once a year, sometimes 2-3 years hehehe. Occupation: Merchant. :)
There was no other band today. For the time between family, work in advertising agencies, and the band wrote together MLV already difficult Especially a band again, hehehe.
In addition I also incorporated in MLV Srimulat hehehe Currently I’m still active in the BITE (as a drummer as well) and of course, as the head of the family. :D

5. The Name Marche La Void, Any Inspiration Where It Came From? Maybe A History In It?

An Impromptu inspiration. Hehehe.When Going Out With Irwan, suddenly remembering the name of the restaurant “Marché and Thought To Be  good Name to be used For band name. Merged together Nine Inch Nails song, Into The Void, so Voila “Marche La Void”

6. Any Future Plans For Future Album Maybe? Putting Up Some New Stuff To Album?

For the future MLV There Is  no specific plans, it’s just that we are preparing for the press release, make the merchandise more and more practice after vacuum over a year.
When to enter a new genre, we have not planned anything because basically MLV prefers to play spontaneously without any genre limitations.
New album? Wrote thank God that this could really release hehehehe.
  Practice First To Be Good That’s The Pan, if some want to help make the concert, Alhamdulillah. : p
What Genre? Stay As It Is really, but more beautiful again if assisted by orchestra. :p
Plans and ambitions are many! But we adjust the conditions and realities in the short-term advance ..
For the genre actually depends on each of this MLV personnel, willing to incorporate new elements of what, because we are hard-line between a lot different.
The Upcoming Plans Is  We Could perform again, after more than a year we did not perform. About The New Album, Not Really Thinking Abou It, and about the genre I personally have never think about what genre. Comes out naturally and so wrote.


Looking ahead MLV is not going backward! Hahaha. Continue to pray for us still can jazz up the country music scene, because frankly we really love music

7. Any Plans For Having A Tour? Or Maybe A Split With Local And International Bands?

If from MLV alone we have not specifically plan the things mentioned above, but before MLV itself has been getting some offers from different parties for the gig can play overseas, such as Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and even (whether jokingly or not) in America. However, due to limitations of MLV-keterbatasn, we have not been able to realize these plans. Nevertheless, it is possible in the future if there is time and opportunity, MLV really want to play with hehehe Palembang. Ask for prayers and the support ya.

Similarly, the split album. Of some existing offerings, no one can be realized, but MLV had participated in a compilation album in digital format audio along with 15 other bands in Beyond The Sky Compilation (2009).
Whew, tours abroad would want-wrote, if there is a sponsorship! :p
Split album with MONO hahaha. :p
If allowed by the Almighty and there is a chance, really, really want to tour.
Split album for vinyl release, not really!

8. In The Album Of “The Origin Of Non-Entity” The Track ‘Serenity’ Which You Guys Covered The National Song Of Indonesia “Mengheningkan Cipta” And Awesomely Cool, Plans For Covering Another National Songs Maybe?

  Thank you in advance for your appreciation.
Actually it is two separate tracks, but for some reason we decided to make the national anthem as a hidden track from our album.
We have not planned to cover the national anthem again, but we had planned to cover the songs of legendary local musicians Indonesia.
Hmm .. Actual Mengheningckan Cipta” instead of Serenity, but the bonus track. :)
Other national song? Hmm .. Gugur Bunga time well. :)
Want To Cover A Kid Songs, For A Friend When Reading Fairy Tales

9. The Artwork For “The Origin Of Non-Entity”  Who Made It? Looks Like A Life Cycle. Any Meaning Behind It?

Fully responsible for the artwork is Indro @indiedo and  for the layout assisted by Rheino @trheino.
The concept is really like a cycle. About something that makes the world more Godless and what shall we do with it ..
Maybe an outline as to what the concept is embodied in the writings below. Please feel free to be interpreted with the understanding of each. (Try to read as  listened to the album ).

From dark to light
Where the Sins are not known and glimmering within the minds
Where Grows darknes and comsumes with the time
Within every soul in mind, That beats within many hearts
Embrace ur heart and remember WHO you are
The time is not ours to fight,
but it will be ours to stand
A dot of light will ligth up in the darkness
But the darkness will never Darken the light
The light will comsume the darkness but
the darkness will never consume the light
And with this light a heart can see where these eyes can not see
And with this light a heart can see where these ears can not hear

Artwork created by a genius named Indro Moektiono, which also helps in our band as Road Manager :)
Wahyu :
Yes it’s true, we are going around the life cycle-that is all there hahaha .. Hand reliable Road Manager, Indro-ngurek ngurek Moektiono the artwork to be seen now in this album


Interview By ({REVOIRREVOLVE}) With Marche La Void
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Myths, Legends. Gods, Heroes.

Myths and Legends, Tangkuban Perahu, Si Buta Dari Goa Hantu, Ratu Pantai Selatan, some of the Legends and Myths that Exists in our time. things that the people to spoke of, an Information that live up to the purpose, Mouth to mouth. Folklore, and many other. The exbihition was held in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The tropical islands who wield thousands of cultures and religions. And I guess it was a pretty wicked spot to pick. Cause you know. Culturally we've Inherited some Myths and Legends. Told for over a hundred centuries, Kingdom to kingdom. These things were embbeded into our Dna as an Indonesian. Fables nor much not. No bother arguing, We do have a lot. Now. Villains Myhtos project has been gathering these "Fables" from all over the world, not around it of course, It's a lot dude. So we have 7 Artist to interpreted the following fables from their Country.

Photos by Maternal Disaster

In case you didn't know yes, We do have a little short Interview with one of the artists, but we'll get to that later okay? Now, about their Works. let have a little word shall we, about them.

1. Arik Roper: "Lif And Lifthrasir"

A Myth depicts two lovers. After a terrible Battle that left the world destroyed and the cosmos. they were asleep but awoken by the ravaging noise of a universe being destroyed. It's basicly Adam and Eve plot. But you'll get the story. Lif and Lifthrasir means Life and  Eager of Life. Arik Roper in a different side, Is one of the most cutting edge artworker in the heavy metal music works. who we all know by his signature drawing. Pyschedelic Influenced mostly, and I personally love that Shit, His own flare and light. Keeping it real, and Tight. He works with bands such as Sleep, High On Fire, Sunn and all of the above.  

2. Clogtwo: "Hang Nadim"

This legends is popular among the guys in Malaysia. It's about the great History of Malay Maritime Empire. a Story about a boy who saved from the Island of Temasek(Now Called Singapore) from a curse but now must pay a High price because of it. It all began because there was a  Magician called Tun Jana Khatib, who is peforming magic to the Sultana, after Executed, The Next day his body was gone. and Countless of shoals swordfish began to Assault on Temasek. Story short the boy knew how to stop the assault, And the people celebrate for that. Sultan got quickly jealous and assassinate the boy. Well that escalated quickly.. Clogtwo or as we know Eman Jaka was a visual anarchist who works in many and various mediums, From Canvases, Walls, Toys and many more.

3. Dan Macpharlin: "Chapter 18"

Exemplified in Joan Lindsay Novel 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' starts with the dissapearance of a group of teenage girls from local boarding school. Vanish at Valetines Day Picnic from the site of an Enormous rock formation. Dan Macpharlin works in various media, In 2d And 3d his artworks appeared in many records sleeves, and many International Magazine covers. Book And Webzines also. I do must say, Weird and Beautiful in the same way. He have his way with Illustration. The New York Times, Wallpaper Magazine, Esquire Magazine,etc.

4. Florian Bertmer: "Rasputin"

We all know Rasputin. Madmonk, Immortal, Alter ego of Gandalf I Suppose, but Rasputin doesn’t  comeback with a new power, He stay dead. But some rumour say, That He left his former body and Fly around in a shape of a Spirit, Looking for a new Body to live in.  He was a gifted Healer, worked with the Imperial Romanov Family. Who quickly gained a Lot of Enemies from all sides, Boy that Did Escalated quickly. Well you know the Life of a Man with Controversy. Short story notice, He was killed. And My oh my, Did he put up a Fight. He was stabbed, poisoned, shot. And still standing. I believe it's the Vodka do all the work. Florian Bertmer is a German Illustrator, Worked with many clients from Lucas Arts, to Various Metal Bands.

5. Goorm: "Antu Banyu'

'Antu Banyu' is a Mythological water spirit or a supernatural being In south Sumateran folklore, Live underneath the City.The Main Attraction that divides Sumatera. Yes, the Massive Current flowing “Musi River”. Basicly Antu Banyu hunts Swimmers, Childrens and Unsuspecting Foreigner. Locals that live in the Side of the river are actually a Target too. The ghost Eats of the Brains and the Spinal Marrow of it's Victims. Fuck yeah, I believe this Creature digs Cannibal Corpse. . I do love those carvings that have those ‘Batik’ish  flare in the drawing. Those oldschool detail keeping up with the priority. Such beauty and Wonderful combination between Illustration and Imagination. Compelling and Dazzling. Goorm is a Collective. Two guys. Erwin and Aulia. they worked with many Various Acts Metal and Indie, ((Auman)), Jelaga, Grey. Both of them are actually members of the band too. ((AUMAN)) & Grey

6. JC Richard: "Symplegades"

There was a scene in the films. "Jason and The Argonauts" where an Enourmous Triton pops out of the water to hold back the Clasing rocks, that were about to crush Argo. "Symplegades" Clashing Rocks. JC Richard, known for his Atmospheric Realism in print design. In popular Film themes. Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, and Many more. Staying straight to his style. He Use Chiaroscuro to give life to the Looming sharp Edges of the Clashing Rocks, Dark and Light Illuminates the Landscape. I didn’t quite know his artwork though, but I must say, It looked very Real and capture the presence like you’re being there, on the shore. White colours blending in with the black, Staggering I suppose. Marvelous.

7. Kilas:  "Pontianak"

One of the most hated creatures to know in the regions of Indonesia and Malaysia. We know her in many names. Kuntilanak, Langsuir, Sundel Bolong. A Woman who Died by Childbirth, creepy as Fuck I might say, You can tell when she is near by the sweet smell of Kemboja Flower, and Followed by a rotting stench. Her casual hanging spot is Trees, and Tangled branches, or even Abandoned houses, Mansions, and shit. Creepy bitch I can say. And I must say, If I’m honest, I could get a Nightmare by seeing this too long. Kilas does get his shit right. Jawbreaking right now I am. Zahir Sanosi A.K.A Kilas  art peforms in many ways, Designing various things. He worked with some Various metal Scene. Satan, a Heavy as Fukk Band from Singapore if you may heard of. Bad Ass dude.

Now after we've talked about all the Myths and Legends, I Get a chance to talked with one of the Artists that were In the Exhibition. His Name is, Arik Roper. Guy work with such Bad Ass clients that mainly indulge Heavy aspects. Stoner, Doom, Psychedelia you name it.

It was at night. 2 o'clock In the Morning perhaps If I’m not mistaken, I spoke to him earlier, Asking permission to Interviewed him later. And Then the rain poured out. All the guys were in the living room, smoking, Talking and reviewing about how the Exhibition went. Me and Arik trying to find a nice spot for us to talk, Then Johnny(Villains) a Cool rad guy from Singapore said there’s an Empty table at the 2nd Floor, We go straight up. I'm sitting in the 2nd floor, with him. We've talked for a short time before beginning the Interview. It was my first time being face to face on a Interview, Usually On an Interview is on just Emails, and yes. I am so Nervous and Tense, but I gotta play it Cool. Don't wanna leave bad Impression, got the whole crew on the line here. So I recorded the Interview. I write it down, and Here it Is.



RR: Hello Mr. Arik Roper, First of all thank you for your time, and Welcome to Bandung Indonesia. I read your file, and I see that you worked as As a Storyboard Revisionist in MTV. When was that Actually?

AR: I worked as a Storyboard Revisionist in MTV back in The 90's, I started as a Freelance Storyboard artist for multiple ad Agencies. and after that, I shift my way to music Visual packaging. Took me a while though.

RR: As a Freelance for multiple Ad Agencies, What is the First Job that you've Done for an Agencies?

AR: Well, I did a lot of things when I was young, when I was 13 or 14 I did a Bookmark for a Store, If that Qualified as  A Job, But it's not really a Job, It was actually something that I Did and made Published. So it’s like that you know, haha.

RR: You were born in New York City, and Raised in Richmond, Virginia, How's that working out for you? and If I'm not mistaken Both of your Parents are Artist right?

AR: Yeah, I was born in NYC, The Big Apple as you can say. But my Parents move away when I was younger, I kinda live in the country after that, We live in the middle of the Woods, in The house that we've built. My father and Mother were both artists when I was young. So I was exposed to all of their Works and Their friends who all to be an Artists too.

RR: What is the first artwork that you've done?

AR: Well, I was doing flyers for Metal bands when I was in Highschool. GWAR if I'm not mistaken. Because they were in Town playing in that Time, I think the first after Artwork that I've really done was for I did was for Buzzov•en‘s The Gospel According II… in 1996, I believe.

RR: There's a lot of band that were from Virginia, Lamb of God is one of it. Have you ever get any chance to Work with them?

AR: Yeah, Yeah, I did some stuff with them Years back, I didn't get a chance to really get close to the guys, Because they were there When I was moving away. But you know, I've done some T-shirts designs for them, but I don't know all of the band. I just know Randy, I forgot the Guitarist name. Haah

RR: As An Artworker, At it first Started did it worked out? do you have any obstacles? was It Hard?

AR: I can't really recall the First time how'd It turn out, but I must say, I experimented with watercolours but then I stopped, and then starting working again, If I'm not mistaken It was 12 Years ago I think, And I really liked it. It's kinda like what I'm working. And Like yeah. It’s what I used actually in my painting, through the years.

RR: Is there anything that you do, to kinda Help you drawing ?

AR: Well, Yeah sometimes I liked to smoke weed before doing anything, It's Calms me down and Gives me Patience, If I'm rushing a little bit on a work. It kinda helped me with work. But It's not always you know, I didn't like drinking, because It doesn't help anything you know. I just do that and it's kinda comes out.

RR: Who is your favorite Artist, the One that lead you to this?

AR: Favorite? Haha, I think there's a lot. So many over the years, It's hard to say,  But when I was younger I was in to Rob Dean for Example, for his Records covers, and Films, Greg Griffin back in the 60's. the Grateful Dead stuff the skulls and roses were intriguing and charmingly sinister looking to me. Psychedelic Cartoon.

RR: Your book, Mushroom Magick,When you're trying to drew mushrooms from all over the World. What's the Intentions in that?

AR: Yeah it was me and The Editor of the Publishing Company "Abrams" We came up with the Idea, And she got the Idea Approved. The Idea was to make it to be kinda of a Field Guide for Mushrooms, Psycho Active Mushrooms. With Hallucinogenic Mushrooms. Not like LSD, but in more Natural way. Not man Made, All Natural. I find about 100 Varieties, I Exagerrated the Look and The Colour to make it more Interesting. It's an Interpretations actually.

RR: What do you think about the Villains Mythos Exhibition?

AR: I am very honored to be here, Seeing new faces and much more Artists. To be honest I was shocked actually, Many people know me here. Haha.

RR: In This Villains Mythos Exhibition, Can you tell us more about your Work in "Lif and Lifthrasir" ?

AR: It was a Norse mythology. A Tale of two Lovers, I don't know if you're familiar with this but, There was this "Ragnarok" the great Apocalypse, it's Kinda like this Biblical Apocalypse. And The Gods Battles, and the whole Destroyed. and There was these two Lovers. It's kinda like Adam and Eve, but it's in the Different part of section of the World. It's kinda the Idea of The new World, new Creator thing. A New clean world and Better.

RR: Okay thank you for you're time Mr. Arik. It's been a Pleasure having this chat with you.

AR: The Pleasure's all mine, Thank you.



And that was that, A little glimpse of our chat with one of the Artist in Villains Mythos, the show went great and Well, gotta hand it to the guys that made the show Went well, Two Thumbs up for them, and I met some of cool Artworkers of course, Kilas for Example, The cool dude reminded me of King Buzzo for no Reason. His artwork was truly blowing mind Literall, Florian Bertmer Artwork was on set, too bad  the Guy was not there same Goes for Dan Macpharlin and JC Richard. Goorm was there, They came from South Sumatera, two Dudes, super bad asses. Clogtwo was there too. Super cool artwork.  Some bands are Playing too, Rusa Militan and Bin Idris, heating up the show. Live Drawing and Live Printing are on set too, Some Local Artists did show too Such as Morrg, Dannvs, Riandy Kurniawan, And Anggareza, everyone one of them is My crush actually, Love all their artworks. Bad Ass and Cutting edge too. Worked some Bands I suppose. Seringai, Suri, Komunal, The Slave,  Matiasu, and All of the above.

They have their own way with the Equipment. Sliding down the old pale canvas, Paper, and other media. Illustrate the Idea, Mindless, And Boundless Insipiration and Creativity. Such Beauty, Emotions  and Our Capabillity to make things marvelous in the eyes of the Viewers, Blending them all together. Artists, Some how life couldn’t be better without them you know. They shaped the world somehow in a way that we didn’t see. They can make us Speak even when were are supposed to be silent. They can be Saviours, they can Mend and Bend spirits. And most Importantly, they can make us feel more Human.  A Picture speaks a thousands words, but a Painting can make us more than that.

Thanks to everyone that Helped me out, and for the Ones that Working for the show, and Made it possible to happen. The guys behind the Curtain. I salute you sir, I had a Great time and a Great week.

Reinhart Jeremy
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SIGMUN : "The Band Should Change Name to be SICKMUN, Why? They're Sick!! I Mean Like Pure Awesomess!"


High Pitch Moans And Heavy Riffs Indeed Dude, Like Any Other Rock N Roll Bands This One Has Those Oldschool Vocal Style And Some Of The Song Is Heavy , Slow, Undenieable Such As "Land Of The Living Dead" . These Fuckers Really Know How To Make Your Head Slow Spinning Banging, In One Of The Songs "Red Blood Sea" They Put Some Western Shit In The Front To Make You Feel Like One Of Those Bad Ass Cowboys Back In Wild Wild West. God Damn Man.. They Combine Some Of The Rock Genre Into A Whole New Level. A Little Bit Combined With Some Pyschedelic Rock I Think. Remember Kadavar? Or Witchcraft? Maybe Graveyard. You Can Say Sigmun Common To Those Bastards. But The Only Thing ThatSeperates Sigmun From Them Is The Vocal Style By Haikal Azizi. Recommended By RevoirRevolve To Those Who Are A Fans Of Rock Blues Genre. SIGMUN Are Not To Be Fuck With Litterally. Seriously I’m Not Fucking Around.



  1. Haikal Azizi - (Vocal/Guitar)
  2. Soedjono Sosroatmodjo - (Guitar)
  3. Mirfak Prabowo - (Bass Guitar)
  4. Pratama Kusuma Putra - (Drums)

To Know More About SIGMUN

SoundCloud : http://soundcloud.com/sigmun

Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/sigmuns

Band Camp : http://sigmunmusic.bandcamp.com/

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sigmuns

Wordpress : http://sigmun.wordpress.com/

Recently RevoirRevolve Have Been Interviewing SIGMUN  For Quite A While. For Your Pleasure And Your Curiosity Here’s The Interview. #RevoirInterviews

1. Before I Heard The Name Of "Sigmun". I’ve Heard That Your First Name Was LOUD Right? In That Time, Is There Any Positions Changes In The Band? Or Maybe In The Personnel?

Ans : Times are changing, one of us quit the band before we even changed our name and replaced by Jono, then our first drummer followed not long after we made the change, Tama filled in for the drums after that. Haikal and Mirfak are the ones that remain from LOUD’s initial formation.

2. From The News I’ve Heard, Sigmun , SURI And Jelaga Are Going To Make Three Ways Split Album. Could You Tell Us What It Is About?

Ans : Yes, it will be released through Orange Cliff Records. Hopefully all goes well. Haikal described Sigmun’s material for the split album as “roaming around in a  desert upon the back of a camel by means of a journey filled with the existence of supernatural beings in search of a long lost sacred tomb”, while Tama described it simply by the term “Heavy Barokah”.

3. The Name “Sigmun”, What Is That Mean? Any Histories About It?

Ans : Well uhm..‘Sigmun’ is the name of a wise ruler in our favorite timeless tale, ‘The Tales of The Golden Chambers”.

 4. As One Of The Bands Who Filled The Track For “The Raid” , The Film That Entered The Billboard Of America. What Do You Think About Rock N Roll Genre In Indonesia Right Now? Increasing Or Decreasing?

Ans : It’s developing in a good way, we think. Although the influence of the ones that we call “Barat” (people’s stereotype, maybe referring to Caucasians) is still undeniably strong, but there are also many who tried to explore the roots of Indonesian culture conceptually or instrumentally. But still, “Rock and roll telah mati, KOMUNAL yang menyelamatkan”. Haha.

5. Besides Having Plans For A Three Ways Split With SURI, And Jelaga. Is There Any Plans Releasing An Album?

Ans : Yiiss, of course. If all according to plan, we will start recording the materials next month.

 6. If Sigmun Is Going To Release An Split Album With One Of Their Favorite Bands, What Would It Be? And Why?

Ans : Depends, each one of us have their own favorite band or reference. Mirfak would choose Them Crooked Vultures, while Tama has his own crazy mind in making a split with Bon Iver/Sigur Ros, Jono would probably choose Santana. Haha. As with Haikal, he’d choose Tinariwen or Desert Session. But there will be no need for intercontinental/inter-country split album as long as we have many amazing local talents here in Indonesia. Which we do.

 7. In The Future For The Next Album, Any New Add-Ons Genre To The New Album ?

Ans : Industrial maybe, or KFC’s pop rock. Disco pantura? All is possible.

8. Besides Jamming In Sigmun. What Is Sigmun Personnel Jobs In Life?

Ans : Most of us work as freelance designers. Mirfak is a self-claimed game tester, food hunter, and crafts ‘dead body’ for fun. Tama spends most of his time travelling. And the rest of us are self-claimed shepherds, and one lost engineer.

Interview : RevoirRevolve With SIGMUN

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