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First of all, Were sorry for not posting any recent reviews, or interviews on the Old Website(http://www.revoirrevolve.tumblr.com) due to tumblr itself began to be an 'ASS', sorry for saying I'm not really a technology man these days, so I've decided to create a website, the easier to see, and easier to read. So We'll be operating maybe Next Month. We're Coming Back, Wait And See. We're still fixing some stuff for the web anyway, Thank You For Your Attention

Best Regards,
Reinhart Jeremy

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REVOIRREVOLVE Exclusive Premiere: DETENTION - "Urinoir Wisdom"(Rehearsal Demo)

Fast Paced and Hard Edged!

Wisdom of The Hardheaded Proto Punk!

You dig hard, and you might find more than you've ever wanted. Trio underdogs has risen from the ashes of  the sun. Emulating by the raw and bare musical structures. Light and flexible, and the duration doesn't matter. Shift pitch and hardcore styles was very much of an impact to this band. Formed by Ex-members of ((AUMAN)), HOAX, And Cloud. Stretching styles to Breach, OFF!, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Retox. "Urinoir Wisdom" was Recorded during rehearsal session at Blacksheep Studio on May 2015 with portable recording gadget set to be as noisy as possible. Without risking losing Lo-fi Clarity and raw power. Music written by Perfect Jay, Bullet & Kenji Error This trio craze headed hardhitting devil shifters just blew our headphones off our ears. Raw guzzyfone rippling through your earbuds like your on meth. Without further redo here's 'DETENTION'

Reinhart Jeremy
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Ever wonder what is to be like, when you're mother seeing you listening to Heavy Metal Music, Punk Rock, Hardcore, Metalcore Music? her Face Will be more likely to be this way, with pointy fingers, and blabbering mouths

Mothers -_-

 This is just outrageous, I on the other hand, suffer the same way with the kid in the picture. the First time I heard my "Rock" Almost kinda like music. I was dancing like a complete Idiot. I was so enjoyed with the music that I didn't realize what was happening. Well the first thing my mother said was "Are you autistic?" ...  I know. A bit bummer, a young kid like me in the edge of puberty, Popularity, and many more were said to be an autistic. Anyway As a kid I Find Heavy Metal Music a bit complex, due to many amounts of Music Artist that my mother said were, Satanists, Gays, Pedophilliac assholes, And Full of Hedonistic Pricks. I resulted that my mother was a concern about me and my hobby in the This "Music" part of the world. Eight years later, I find what my mother said about Metal Music was Right, well 'Almost' of it. Long hair, scary faces, black T-shirt, Beards, I know for mothers it's a Freddie from Nightmare Street, Creepy, But For mothers out there, Metal music makes your son not look like Wimp in school(Meaning you're son not always being bullied by fat rich children that looks like Colonel sanders from KFC), I know drugs, free sex, weed, and many more Negative Lifestyle isn't what you're mother want for you but I Finally found the solution with this problem, with just a bit of going in to the toilet. The best place for finding and inspiration.

"Loving a Certain Kind Of Music Genre, That Always Being Clouded With Negative Views By Parents, Sucks big Time. but I know How to make that Cloud to go away, Which Of Course needed all of Media help to Make sure that, "METAL" is not a Dangerous word for Parents. Remember, Loving A Music Genre, And Following every Step of it, Doesn't mean you have to love the Lifestyle as well"

-Reinhart Jeremy

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"RR" Exclusive Premiere: "Tiga Pilar Iblis" Single by GERRAM


When Humanity reach his limit, so Then the devil takes over

Gerram, a lot of people don't know these guys, they have been on my radar for quite over 2 years, since their first line up. Gerram is a heavy pound Cheeseburger, grilled and bacon seasoned. The first line up there was Marito on vocals, Rio on Guitar, Abim on Guitar and Back Vocals, Rinaldy on bass, and Finally Andra on drums, but due to massive works and jobs, Marito resigned, and replace with Dimas on vocals until now, Gerram will be releasing their Full length album en-titled "Genderang Bencana" be sure to stay tuned for this, Because my self entirely are very pumped... So "Tiga Pilar Iblis" what is it? Well it's basicly a grill pumping d-beat rushing through the head, a Blasting theme song if you're going to fuck shit up, ruining weddings, or maybe making your mother in law hating you. And yes, the artwork for the Single and the Album is by the notorious GOORM. the song consists about Three things that will fuck you up, like literally. Wealth, Position, and Woman. In that order. It does show some Indonesian Goverment morals in it, or more likely if there is any. but enough chit chat, here's the shit!


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A Very Heavy Neck Breaking Black Metal Sludge Sensation, Maybe A Little Bit A Long Cousin Of Deafheaven "Unrequited" From 'Roads To Judah' (2011). Just A Minor Differences No Big Deal. Some Of The Tracks From The Howling Wind - Of Babalon, It's Unimaginably Unique And Very Intense Heavy Noise. And Very Different To The Whole Black Metal Society. But This Shit Is Still Of The Hook

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"KYLESA" Headlining With Opening Local Acts, ((AUMAN)) & SSSLOTHHH

Epic Views, epic Crowd, And the Breeze of a Cold drippin' Beers.

It was started as a whisper, a voice, an Idea. Who the fuck am I kidding, It's KYLESA, Savannah, Georgia Pyschedelic Sludge Metal Giants. After a long awaited apperance and a couple of Problems, finally we can see these guys playing in Indonesia, after their show In Malaysia, the guys pick two spots to play here. Bandung & Jakarta, I went to the bandung show recently. Taking place at Maja House, Bandung. it's in the hills actually, great view, and it's cold, typical weather in bandung. ((AUMAN)) & SSSLOTHHH were opening for the band, which is, Good, making the show really really heating up. Maternal Disaster, Here to Stay, and Live One was helding the show, these guys handled it Alright indeed. Many people showed up there. As much as I can see, was Members of Heavy Metal Riff laden "Seringai" was there, Duo Doom Fronted "Matiasu" members, "Burgerkill" members, "Komunal" & "Rajasinga" many more actually, shit. KYLESA only bring one of his crew. Jay, he's from Autralia, you can tell by the accent he uses. The story behind it was, While playing in Australia, the band members were living in Jay's House. So yeah, it's was cool. Got a chance to talk to the guy he said that, tonight gonna be an awesome show, I'm sure of it, and you know what, He was right.


Opening up on the first league, was these guys, Hailing from Bandung, they play Post-Metal/Sludge. They recently released a Debut album entitled  "Phenomenon"(You can see my review of the album right here in Our website), they were slaying indeed man, Fucking bass lines and blasting shit all over the place. Screaming your fucking heads off till your sanity drops off. They opened for the Tragedy show last year in Jakarta actually, no wonder, fucking crazeheads man, I'm a fan of the album indeed. Seeing these guys live were a cool thing to see, After all I'm not much of a Out going person really, but what the fuck, they slayed, I'm happy, end of story.


Photo taken by Rio Rian Asmoro

Next stop, born In the South, ((AUMAN)) was on stage, playing Stoner Preferences combined with Hardcore Indulgment and Doom coursing to it's veins. these guys too released a debut album "Suar Marabahaya"(You can see my review of the Album right here in our website). They heat up the crowd, and fucking throwing hard stones at it. Headbanging Ritual was everywhere man, I got Kung Fu kicked right in my head two times, but I didn't go down easily. Not gonna go down without a Fight. They played 7 Songs and the crowd loves it, I on the other hand start to losing my mind. Sweat and Steam were coming off the place, looks like a fucking Sauna but, The cold breeze of the bandung Air still keep us Intact to our genitals.


Finally, The Last Supper, the Live Entertainment, long awaited show. Visuals were in place, Banners are on check, Sounds are good, and fuck o'rama do we Set The Controls to The Heart of the Sun. They played it loud, Crowd loves it, they fucking swing, the crowd cheers, they scream, the Crowd mosh'd it!, it was like a Connection, we do this and they do that. Playing songs from their recent album "Ultraviolet", "Spiral Shadows" and "Time Will Fuse It's Worth". Carl and Ed(Who's been with them in 6 Weeks and fucking killed it) were blasting off through the Roof like a fucking rocket, Phillip was playing his Frequency toy that NASA stoled from E.T(Sort Of),  Laura were magnetizing, Harmonies, Melodies, and all of the sudden, BOOM! you're moving. Stage Dive were everywhere man, it's like raining but with human on the Menu. the crowd goes wild when songs like 'Tired Climb', 'Quicksand', 'Scapegoat', 'Hollow Severer' were on their ears. it's like People seeing fire for the first time, and danced to it. I mean, Kylesa basicly grew up on me since I was a Freshmen in highschool, it was basicly my soundtrack, it's kinda weird and Wow at the same time to see these guys play.  But anyway, While I was in the pit, I got kung fu kicked again, and yes I fell down, luckily my friend back me up and held me up over again, Bruises and scars, Headache's and Lacerations all over the body, but you know what? It was worth it.